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I’m a Fetish BDSM photographer, director and art designer.
I live in Istanbul and work mainly in Turkey and Germany. I work in PX Group which is a group of enthusiastic people working in different fetish and BDSM projects.
I manage most of these projects. My jobs are photographing, directing movies and videos, creating art design, creating internet solutions, working on music and sound effecs, managing and coordinating projects.
MasterDaPain is my nick name for my BDSM (BDDSSM) lifestyle. As MasterDaPain I’m living out my sadistic desires. I believe into SSC and Rack. My private and my photo BDSM sessions are based on this 2 concepts. The slave and model set the limits. Her no is a no! I believe into safety of the spirit and body of every human.
I want to express my respect for human life with my fetish and BDSM. Maybe this is paradox but this is my nature. Love and hate, light and dark, good and evil, Parox and MasterDaPain, Life and Death are paradox and a balance.
I’m just living to die one day, I live as if it were my last day. Passion is my living energy.
I’m Parox Dark

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Fuck You


She is both, hellfire and holy water. And the flavor you taste depends on how you treat her.
Sneha Pal

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